About Us
  Digitizing Mart was founded in January 1993 as a digitizing services company and currently has a total staff strength of 150 people including 100 full time digitizers, 10 QA staff, 12 support staff including 2 customer service representatives, and the rest in administration and sampling with a capacity to handle about 250 designs a day. We mainly cater to Embroiderers and Apparel Manufacturers in USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Our digitizers work on some of the most sophisticated digitizing software such as Wings from Gunold, Wilcom, Pulse, Melco Design Shop and also the Ethos software. So, in addition to the Tajima dst format, we also deliver your digitized files in other formats, Click Here for details.

Our main objective is to provide good quality digitizing services at reasonable prices. We digitize your designs keeping the final production in mind. So, we deliver properly digitized designs which run smoother on the machine with minimum thread breaks, thus increasing productivity by almost 10% to 15%.

To ensure quality, we sew out each design till we are convinced of its smooth run on the machine before we send the digitized file to you. We can also offer you the image of the sew-out for each design that you send us. Click here to view our workflow process.

We also know that the Embroidery Industry can be very demanding sometimes, and we pride ourselves with our lead time of only 2 days and also a 24 hour rush delivery at no extra cost.

AVAILABILITY 24/7: You can place an order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can get on–line support 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.B

We look forward to working with you.
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